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Balearic Breakfast Vol. 3 (double LP) - Preorder

Updated: Apr 19

Heavenly Recordings just launched the preorder campaign for Colleen's "Balearic Breakfast" Vol. 3 double LP compilation.


Balearic Breakfast doesn't give into clichés, and it's not a purely sunlit affair. Instead, it's sonic escapism that seems unwilling to be beholden to any one locale. The entry requirements are simple: the more transportative the sounds, the more likely they are to slot into Colleen's vision of Balearic.” Resident Advisor

“The biggest heroes of the underground typically wouldn’t describe themselves as such. Frankie Knuckles, Kelli Hand, Andrew Weatherall… all possessed a humility that made them even more honourable and endearing, and they went about their business with little regard for fame and a distaste for industry bullshit. Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy falls firmly into this category.” The Vinyl Factory

Ask anyone to define Balearic music nowadays and you’re guaranteed to get a different answer each time. Since the concept flew from its original Ibizan home and become a global concern, it has become almost impossible to pigeonhole. Now it’s more of a vibe than a musical style; more a reflection of wide open skies and sunshine on the brain than any particular rhythm track or sonic inflection.

That said, if you were after a definitive answer there’s probably no one better placed to give it right now than DJ and broadcaster Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy who has just put together the third volume of her peerless Balearic Breakfast compilation series. This latest collection flies the flag high for that most hazy and hard-to-pin-down genre, gathering up the very best genre-fitting music from around the world, whether from Copenhagen or California, or from the high plains of the desert to deep down in the land of Oz.

Each track may sound completely different from the one it follows, but the same sun kissed spirit runs deep through them all, whether in Cosmo’s own take on Jacob Gurevitsch’s gentle Spanish guitar picking or in the throbbing dub disco of a long lost Andrew Weatherall remix for Primal Scream from 2008. The ten tracks on Balearic Breakfast Volume 3 all add up to create the perfect mixtape for the summer, whatever weather we end up with, whatever time you chose to listen to it. After all, why wait ’til breakfast?

As with each of the other volumes in this essential compilation series, many of the tracks on Balearic Breakfast Volume 3 are previously unavailable on vinyl and others are long since out of print and rarely seen outside of the dustier corners of Discogs. And as with each of the previous albums, numbers are strictly limited (the first two volumes sold out quickly and are now selling for high prices on Discogs).


A true music obsessive, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy’s standing in the global dance music community has arguably never been higher. Whether she’s presenting, remixing, hosting or DJing, her belief in music’s redemptive properties shines through. And rather than downplay her eclecticism she wears her versatility as a badge of honour, ensuring she is constantly fulfilled creatively.

“I’m a music lover, a music curator and a music educator,” she concludes. “It’s about trying to transcend everyday life through music. When people say Balearic Breakfast got them through the pandemic, I think that’s because music has a healing quality. When people are on the dancefloor, I want them to forget about their everyday life. And similarly with Classic Album Sundays, when people are fully immersed listening to an album, it brings them out somewhere else. Those experiences have been very important to me.

“The quest is never-ending and that is what motivates me. I never set out to intentionally do any of this – it just happened because of my passion. One thing led to another which fed into another which fed into another. I will never stop discovering music. You always have to be looking ahead, expanding your horizons.”


***Please note that due to licensing stipulations this release is not available for purchase digitally, however a download of the full album and bonus tracks will be granted with physical orders from release day.***

Includes unlimited streaming of Colleen Cosmo Murphy Presents Balearic Breakfast Vol.3 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more

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