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Balearic Brunch | Episode 4 | Balearic Togetherness

Updated: Mar 2

NTS Radio published the 4th episode of Balearic Brunch on January 28th 2024.


About this show. We all can travel thanks to Music. I was fortunate because I was raised in a way that allowed my mental representation to fully express itself, as, from a very young age (3/4), my father said to me, "When you listen to music, lay on the bed, close your eyes and imagine when listening to that Symphony (it was Beethoven's 9th) a beautiful forest and see the animals while you walk discovering it"... There you go, that's the way we should raise our children I believe.

Anyway, when listening to this 4th episode of the series, and the first of 2024, I quickly felt that it was all about that "Balearic Togetherness". We shall discover why in a few minutes! I hope Colleen does not read everything I write down here because I don't want the Magic to end; I really don't want it to end! This fourth show of the series is another great example of musical and intellectual unity, and as always, I'm not forcing anything here; Music does the Intellectual Talking! Let's go!

Listen back to the 4th episode of Balearic Brunch:



Devadip Carlos Santana  Love theme from "Spartacus"

J.J. Cale  The woman that got away

Per-Erik Hallin  Gospel train

John Forde  Stardance

Dennis Parker  Like an eagle

Ashford & Simpson  Count Your Blessings

(François Kevorkian, Ron St. Germain mix)

Amr Diab  Wala Ala Baloh (from film: Intervention Divine)

Fat Freddy’s Drop  Mother Mother (Cosmodelica remix)



I never wrote these analyses thinking they were the absolute truth. They are just one possible interpretation. And, of course, you may have your own visuals coming down the road! What I try to achieve here is to wake up your ability to imagine and your capability to Listen actively to Music: of course, Music takes us to another world, but only if we Let her do the talking, so it takes both a relaxed mind but also some indirect concentration, I would say. Then, when you reach that slightly transcendental state of mind, almost asleep or freed from your direct mind, only then can the pictures arise, the Music finally taking you elsewhere...

So why did I feel that this 4th edition of Balearic Brunch was all about that "Balearic Togetherness"? Well, when I heard Devadip Carlos Santana – Love theme from "Spartacus" [1980 - Discogs], I felt it depicted a lonely woman, somewhat desperate, joined by a handsome man, helping her to get up on her feet and inviting her to a dance. Listen Closely to this first song; there are three distinctive parts. The first one is a lonely complaint, very dreamy, relaxed, very Balearic; you could almost start the written story by writing: "Once upon a time, there was a Lady. Once upon a time, there was a Beautiful young Lady. She was alone, desperately alone..." Then, after these first minutes, there is a change in tonality; the melodic structure is almost kept intact, though, but there is a change: the guitar disappears, and we're only left with the organs. Then, the third part comes in slowly and gently, and new instruments enter the soundstage. It's a Samba, if I'm not mistaken. If you want to discover more about what Colleen said about this peculiar song, head over here! For those of you interested in Jazz, I can only Highly recommend that you listen to Wayne Shorter's "Wayning moments" album issued in 1962; what a beauty this one is!

After such an introduction, you don't need more words to let your imagination run wild! Following with J.J. Cale  The Woman That Got Away [1976 - Discogs], which presents a similar invitation to dance and a somewhat worried approach too, Colleen clearly wants you to join here somewhere for a Balearic Dance! Listen to how Colleen underlines the next track, one about a train taking its passengers towards heaven, Per-Erik Hallin – Gospel Train [1982 - Discogs], while keeping the flow intact. Pure Bliss, right? This is also an element that explains the "Togetherness" I used in the title. Being a DJ is not always about beatmatching to perfection but it's about letting the tracks have their own life together, being a DJ is all about letting the musical dance Happen. With its open soundstage, the dynamics and the rhythmical structure allowing the track to breathe and its groove to shine, Gospel Train is also an invitation to dance, allowing you to picture a young couple swaying to the music!

Colleen keeps up a nice steady rhythmical approach to this show by selecting John Forde  Stardance [1979 - Discogs], as for the previous numbers, the soundstage is wide and the dynamics are alive and well, letting the sound breathe, not attacking us and, furthermore, beautifully followed both by Dennis Parker  Like an eagle [1979 - Discogs] and the incredible Ashford & Simpson  Count Your Blessings (François Kevorkian, Ron St. Germain mix) [1986 - Discogs].

Now, there you have it, the Pinnacle of this 4th "Balearic Brunch" is that little mix; what a Treasure this one is! An absolute Wow moment of the show if you ask me! And that's why this blog was born: because of Colleen's magic! An absolutely ecstatic moment you'll find hard to forget! By the way, if you want to keep on dreaming, why wouldn't you go and have a listen to the Worldwide FM's special show dedicated to François? The link is here. The last two tracks selected by Colleen, namely Amr Diab – Wala Ala Baloh (from the film: Intervention Divine) [2002 - Discogs] and Fat Freddy’s Drop – Mother Mother (Cosmodelica remix) [2014 - Discogs], for which I wrote an analysis (here), fit the show as a glove; both on the musical and on the philosophical side! Did you find why? (laughs!)…

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