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Balearic Brunch | Episode 6 | The Blossoming Spring...

Updated: Mar 27

NTS Radio broadcast the 6th episode of Balearic Brunch on March 24th 2024.


About this episode. – Colleen takes us to the heart of spring musically, intellectually, and visually for her sixth show on NTS! Proudly standing in front of a beautifully taken care of Renault 4L (the French car was produced in France between 1966 and 1992 and is to this day a beloved model amongst car collectors), in the heat of a renewed sun, our Balearic DJ seem to be ready to drop musical flowers all around her! And this is precisely what she does here, as we'll see! So put your sunglasses on; we're in for another musical treat!

Listen back to the 6th episode of Balearic Brunch:

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(2024) Finn Rees Looking Up

(2020) The Ibrahim Khalil Shibab Quintet Spring

(2024) New Visionaries Summer Rain (Feat. Hannah Williams)

(2024) Papa Romeo World Of Paint

(2022) Derya Yildirim, Grup Şimşek Bal

(2023) Yuksek  O Gato (Acid Arab Minawi Mizmar Remix)

(1975) The Drive Africa Bossa

(2024) Gee W Still In Love

(2021) Flamingo Pier Cosmic Sunset

(1980) The Coach House Rhythm Section No Such Thing (Instrumental)



Every show Colleen does has its secret image, its secret message; it only takes a full listen and a small bit of concentration to grab it! Here, Finn Ree's blossoming opening track which also starts his forthcoming album "Dawn is a Melody", Looking up, paves the intellectual trip we're going to have by showing us how beautiful nature can be when Spring arrives! (What I did here is beautiful, right? 😉) Speaking about the second track, there is no mistake in the presentation of the tracklist (which now is in the right order, too 😉) because, as you can read on Discogs, the original 1969 album was reissued in 2020, and by that time, Chris Schilder had changed his name to Ibrahim Khalil Shihab had upon converting to Islam, hence the covers differences! This Jazzy Masterpiece is beautifully followed (note Colleen's punchy and perfect mix right there!) by Summer Rain, a track that, thanks to its groovy rhythm, keeps on opening up our Spirits (just as this show does, hence the title of this post)! In an interview, New Visionnary's band members Phil Martin, and Joel Sarakula shared: "We had no plan. And we still don’t have a plan [...] We can work without words. Music is our language. [...] We didn’t have any expectations, we just did it for fun. We throw ideas at each other and most of the time we agree." If that start is not as fresh as spring!

Keeping the rhythm steady, Colleen plays the very "kaleidoscopic" (hence this post's picture I chose 😉) World of Paint. Derya Yildirim, Grup Şimşek's Bal then takes us to India, and you already know both the band and their record because, yes, they've been featured in Balearic Breakfast previously!

For the second hour of the show, while keeping the travelling effect intact with O Gato's Acid Arab Minawi Mizmar Remix, Colleen does indeed speed things up! In an interview, the French musician and composer Yuksek shared: "Today, I can't see myself doing music any differently. On this album, there are only two instrumental tracks that I did on my own—really hard-hitting club stuff. Since my third album, I've gotten a bit fed up with Yuksek and locking myself away for hours on end making music on my own. This happened at the same time as other projects, such as making music for films, so I was focused on other things. Then there were two sessions that were really important. I met Bertrand Burgalat. We didn't know each other very well, but we thought it would be interesting to work together. I'd just finished my contract with Universal, so I really enjoyed those 2 days in the studio. We made a track that I love, mixed it the next day and released it on my label 3 weeks later, with a cover designed by a friend, without any promotion. And when you look it up on Spotify, it's one of the most listened-to tracks (editor's note: we're talking about the track "Icare"). The whole process reconciled me with music."

We're now dancing as the Jazzy Africa Bossa takes us to spring's heart (to find out more about The Drive, click here), perfectly followed by the incredible Geew's Carnavalian number, Still In Love! Colleen ends this sixth edition of Balearic Brunch by playing Flamingo Pier's Carnavalian track, Cosmic Sunset, followed by the rhythmically trippy and The Coach House Rhythm Section's No such Thing, a track driven by Eddy Grant whom Colleen will meet on April 26th (more about this event here). Tell me, what's there not to love about Balearic Brunch?!

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