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Balearic Brunch | Episode 3 | Easing 2023 out...

Updated: Mar 2

NTS Radio published the 3rd episode of Balearic Brunch on December 31st 2023.


About this show. Musically summing up 2023 is a challenging task indeed! With Christmas already behind us and the new year approaching (with a lot of travelling ahead of our Musical Captain), we were eagerly waiting for Balearic Brunch to be in our ears!

With her delicate and musical touch, Colleen proposed, in this already 3rd episode of the series, a Year End Round Up of her Favourite Tunes from 2023. And my my my, if this isn't a way out, I don't know what it is (laughs)! But we'll come back to the analysis in the Detailed Playlist section; let's first have a listen to the show!

Listen back to the 3rd episode of Balearic Brunch:



Matthew Halsall Calder Shapes

Hifi Sean & David McAlmont Happy Ending

Pigeon Infinity (Josh's Extended Disco Mix)

LTJ Xperience featuring Anduze Best Life

More Amour Solar Flair

Django Django ft Yuuko Sings Don't Touch That Dial

Manabu Nagayama Light and Shadow (Masalo Version)



Finding the right words to describe a show is not always easy, especially for a show like this one where our Captain already determined the musical journey as being a "Best of". Yet, when listening to it, I felt that this third Balearic Brunch was all about relaxation and waving goodbyes. The musical unity is supported here by a strong feeling of departure. You can feel it in every song, even those with a more affirmed rhythm! Let's dive into the tracks selected by Colleen.

The show opener, Matthew Halsall Calder Shapes [Bandcamp - Bal. Brkfst, ep. 147], is a track that shows a way, a route to a new destination, a march; even though you might feel it's raining somewhere, it's a light rain cleansing the earth rather than submerging it. Everything here is full of hope and peace, even time ticking your heart's rhythm out... It's interesting to put Matthew's music in retrospect with some of the interviews he did; it gives his music a new light. Recently, he explained: "I find being creative super relaxing and therapeutic. It allows me to focus on one thing that I enjoy for hours on end. I'm often at my happiest when I put my headphones on and create things in my own little world, the sounds can transport you to all types of magical fun places."

This feeling of "Calmness" is also present in the second track, which is a trip in itself; the engaging moment is over; we're flying right now, flying away with Hifi Sean & David McAlmont Happy Ending [Bandcamp - Greene Room mix]. Happy Ending has received a lot of love from critics and music lovers alike, and the flying effect has been felt by many listeners of this gorgeous album! Colleen must also be praised for her delicate touch when it comes to blending tracks, and she knows how to take you by the hand and take you higher. This is precisely what she does with the stunning track that is Pigeon Infinity (Josh's Extended Disco Mix) [Bandcamp - Bal. Brunch, ep. 01]. The new album, entitled Backslide EP, by the 5-piece group, is an astounding sonic experience, not limiting itself to mental escapism but also including a beautiful soundstage and realistic-sounding instruments and effects. A whole trip, at every level for sure and Highly recommended. Hearing Colleen say that Infinity will be included in the third Balearic Breakfast compilation made me jump out of my sofa from happiness! That's the first non-musical Wow effect I've ever experienced; laughs!

Colleen keeps up the rhythm by playing LTJ Xperience featuring Anduze Best Life [Discogs - Bal. Brkfst, ep. 135] whose cover could easily join those crafted by the Blue Note Label, you see what I mean, right? Followed by the synth-driven track that is More Amour Solar Flair [Discogs - Bal. Brkfst ep. 148], Best Life, thanks to Colleen's light mix, takes its whole funkiness to another level. There lies Colleen's magic: in her ability to choose songs that go so well together, enhancing your feeling of belonging to another universe! At this show's point, you're either dancing unconsciously or lying calmly on your sofa, dreaming to the music... In any case, you're not touching Earth, that's for sure!

To me, the last two tracks also belong together, ending the show with a dreamy opening. I felt that because of their rhythm, which is quicker than the one of the previous tracks played during this third episode, but also because of their "calmer" musical approach. These two songs are ecstatic in their own ways. Let's discover more about them together.

The first one, Django Django ft Yuuko Sings Don't Touch That Dial [Bandcamp - Bal. Brkfst, ep. 144], a futuristic, percussion-driven club track, saw producer Dave MacLean and Japanese rapper Yuuko join forces in a song describing a typical day in life where there's only one rule… Don't Touch That Dial. Sharing his memories about the song [the producer stumbled across the Japanese rapper online], Mac Lean said: "This was a weird instrumental track that came out of looping some little chopped-up bits of a studio jam. I liked the odd groove of the track, and I wanted a vocalist on there, but I wanted something quite different, so I reached out to Yuuko, and she totally got it, and delivered this outstanding top line." This track, to me is a trip in action, the lack of an actual melody helps to drive the emotions down, allowing the listener to "stabilize". The second one, Manabu Nagayama Light and Shadow (Masalo Version) [Discogs - Bal. Brkfst, ep. 150], with its vast skyish landscapes, is a perfect closer as there is no expectation here, no eagerness to achieve anything or to attain a certain place; you've arrived at your destination, you're there, enjoying the moment you've been longing for and this moment of ecstasy will follow you through the next phase of your journey...

What did we say? Oh yes, we were easing 2023 out of our way...

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