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DJ History Podcast (DJH08) : Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy

Colleen sat down with Bill Brewster for the DJ History podcast series. Hear the story in her own words!


Bill Brewster is one of the names you hear coming back to your ears if you're into DJing. He is no stranger for those of you reading this blog (laughs), as there was an event a few days ago with him and Frank Broughton hosted by our friends from "Find our Balearic Spirit" (more about this past event here on the blog but also here).

In a handful of words, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton published 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life', a classic book on club and DJ culture that has been praised by a lot of DJs and music lovers alike around the world (including our beloved captain of course). DJ, journalist, and record collector Bill Brewster knows a thing or two about Music if you know what I mean (head over here for a great interview). So, after resurrecting the DJ History Website (brainchild of authors Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, founded in 1999 to preserve dance music history and create a fertile landscape for the DJs of the future, shutdown in 2016 but resurrected in 2022), Bill started doing podcasts aired on Mixcloud and also on Spotify, including artists/DJs like Danielle Moore (from Crazy P), Jyoty, Simon Dunmoore or even Dimitri From Paris. With a modern and delicate visual touch, a beautiful website and a great Forum, DJ History is the place to be on the web if you feel like digging deep into the world of the record cue-er (laughs)! I remember how much the forum was bouncing when, in 2009, the Prince St. Reels were aired on (you can listen to them here). So, as far as I'm concerned, DJ History is a reference point, and I can't stress enough how much this place on the web, and all the people who make it happen, are important in my life.

Having said that, I was secretly hoping and eagerly waiting for our beloved captain to have her moment on DJ History. It first happened when Colleen's Mistery MIx was published a few weeks ago. And, you can't keep a great DJ on hold for a long time (laughs); here she comes again, this time with Bill, talking about her life in Music (because, really, there is no other way round of saying it when you know for instance that Colleen, just like me, learned piano), learning her craft in radio shows and record shops, meeting our beloved and much remembered David Mancuso, starting Classic Album Sundays (another reference point by the way) and hosting "Balearic Breakfast" on Worldwide FM and then on her socials when the radio had to reduce its activities to structure itself.

Listening to the interview is great because you hear Colleen telling the story in her own words; this is priceless as you can feel her emotions through her voice as she goes down memory lane. Also, once the interview ends, you start wondering how important it is to keep a gentle, open-minded and sincere spirit when talking to people and how being Humble about what you do is Priceless. Listen to this interview; you may learn "a thing or two"...

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