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My Analog Journal | Session 1/2023

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Colleen debuted on the 'My Analog Journal' show on February 15th 2023.

Colleen made her debut on My Analog Journal in 2023

Founded by Zag Erlat (Turkish DJ and music Producer who seriously started collecting vinyl in 2017), My Analog Journal (first only a youtube channel show and now a radio one since the launching of the Twitch channel) allows vinyl lovers alike to share their passion for Music on an audiophile setup.

In an interview with Nuvo Magazine, Zag explained why he launched the youtube channel: "As a Turkish person, I just felt the lack of content when it comes to Turkish/Anatolian funk music from the '70s. That made me record a vinyl set with Turkish seven-inch records that I had. I shot the episode with a single camera focusing on the turntables, as opposed to the boiler room setup where you only see the DJ".

It didn't take long before people got interested in what Zag was sharing, allowing him to propose something even greater involving other music lovers digging into the "old forgotten foreign music" formula. As Zag states: "the joy of coming together for good music is just priceless".

Colleen appeared on My Analog Journal on February 15th, 2023, with a selection of records celebrating The Loft's 52 anniversary (the episode was shot earlier in 2023) and stated on her socials, "I was recently asked to play some records by the lovely folks over at @myanalogjournal and you can watch and listen to it now on their YouTube channel. I always like a good remit and as the set is vinyl only and published this week, I did exactly what you thought I may do - celebrate The Loft anniversary. This mix features songs that were played at The Loft by David and/or myself (including a cheeky acetate of one of my remixes), played on pitch and without mixing in Loft style. You may notice the overhead shots are giving new meaning to 'Going Back to My Roots'. What can I say - it was filmed right after I had a long bout of illness and didn't have a chance to get to the hair salon. Now I'm getting to work on the 2-hour interview with David, and if you want to be one of the first to hear it, please sign up to the mailing list on the forthcoming official Loft website at Enjoy and love saves the day!"

It seems obvious why I decided to include this set in this blog: the Music and the visuals bring us back to the Balearic Spirit Colleen presents every Tuesday morning (some of the tracks were also featured in the show)!

Watch the HD Video of Colleen's performance here :


The Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble – My favourite thing (Live at Montreux, 1980)

Secret Night Gang – Captured (Cosmodelica Remix)

Kat Mandu – Don't stop Keep on

Nightlife Unlimited – Love is in you (Remix)

Arpadys – Stone Roller

Eddie Palmieri – Mi Congo Te Llama (Yoruba Chant)

(Sacred Rhythm Dub Mix)

Arthur Adams – You got the floor

Alton McClain & Destiny – Crazy Love

The Joubert Singers – Stand on the World

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