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Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy (Claremont 56)

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Claremont 56 is a record label founded by Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy in 2007.

When I first discovered Claremont 56, thanks to the interview Paul gave to Colleen back in 2020 (see below), I was immediately blown away by Paul’s voice (I loved it!), by the music his label proposed, and lastly by the album’s covers! It seemed obvious to me that Paul was putting his soul into this record label. This small article aims to present Paul, his record label and give you some important links and more music to listen to. Without further ado, let’s get into this beautiful and indeed very Balearic trip, starting with this track that has been played by Colleen during one of her Balearic Breakfast shows. It perfectly sets the tone for this article.

I’m sure you all recognized a classic tune here: I can’t go for that (no can do) by the American pop duo Hall & Oates. Released as the second single from the Private Eyes Album issued in 1981, the song became the fourth number-one hit single of their career on the Billboard hot 100 and is really about not being pushed around by label managers and agents, staying true creatively. Of course, I chose this remix issued on Paul’s label because it embodies the Claremont 56 spirit particularly well. Also, this edit exposes the Balearic Spirit of the original track in a nice way (like many other music aficionados around here, I discovered the power of instrumental tracks thanks to David Mancuso’s Loft Parties).

Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy

So, who is behind Claremont 56: Paul 'Mudd' Murphy, Graphic Designer for 15 years, renowned DJ for more than 20 years and label founder, knows some things about having a clear project vision. He started his first musical project, Akwaaba (which means 'welcome' in Ghanaian) in 1996, along with Tom Lee and Steve Kotey, issuing their debut track, ‘Just Pilau’ (on The Idjut Boys Discfunction label - DIS004) in 1997. The track was an instant classic and got quickly licensed to Francois Kevorkian’s ‘Essential Mix’ compilation and Ron Trent’s ‘Musical Reflections’ album. Akwaaba then issued two albums that were well-received by the musical scene, Do it Tomorrow (2000) and Too shiny (2002).

As Paul explained it in an interview with "the vinyl factory" :

Before Claremont 56 I was working half of my time as a graphic designer and the other half creating music and releasing that on other people’s labels. I always wanted the music to be full time and when I was finally brave enough to make that step it seemed natural to set up something of my own, so that I could release what I wanted, when I wanted, without having to meet someone else’s criteria. My favourite labels in the early 90s were the ones where you could buy the record without even hearing it, as you had complete trust in the labels’ output – this was something I really wanted to achieve for Claremont 56

Listen to Colleen's interview with Paul 'Mudd' Murphy :

What kind of Music does Claremont 56 propose: Of course, any member of the Balearic Breakfast Family would instantly answer to that question by saying "Balearic Music"! It seems obvious that all Claremont 56 productions share an Identical sonic DNA: no aggressivity whatsoever in the sound which is open, no heavy audio compression pumping in, but a well-assured and well-balanced sound, with a tiny touch of distance and bliss that allows the listener to escape to another world. I absolutely love Paul's answer on that matter :

I get asked this question all the time, quite often by people who have no idea about the music scene and genres, and I always wish I had a good, succinct answer, but sadly I don't. I find it really tricky to explain at all, let alone in a nutshell. I tend to say that it's a mix of mellow music, that's a bit dancey – a bit West Coast rock, a bit disco, as well as being a bit jazzy, but also has a prog influence.
Most people describe it as 'Balearic', which is also pretty hard to explain to someone. The closest I can see to describing it in a nutshell is to say that it's pleasant music to listen to, (hopefully) without feeling too mainstream.

Some important links :

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