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‘Summer Staycation’: The pre-Balearic Breakfast era (4/6)

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

WorldwideFM broadcast the 1st edition of 'Summer Staycation' on August, 11th 2020.

On the first official 'Summer staycation' show, Colleen took some new habits in presenting the requested tracks after playing them. Everything is taking a specific place allowing the show to find its groove.

Because of their inextricable beauty, some songs became real friends and stayed in the Balearic Brakfasts' Family members' minds for a long time (Chico Hamilton Mysterious maiden (yin & yang)). It's nice to have these tunes coming back at you when you're walking the streets or doing something! When this happens, you know you're hooked on the show :-)

Some other songs became "Anthems" for the Balearic Breakfast Familly, with the lyrics reflecting the trying times we were then facing. This was the case for Odissey's "Hang together", of course... :

The world is full of hurryin' people tryin' to lead us nowhere

The world is full of worryin' people sayin' we ain't got a prayer

The world is full of down and outers like some friends of mine

Victims of in and outers tryina to leave us behind

Oh (hold!) hold on to me, don't let me go

We gotta hang together

We gotta hang together

We better hang together

If we don't wanna hang together

I read the signs on all the faces in my neighbourhood

I see the wear and tear in placеs that I never should (where is the good?)

They say there's hope (hope!) on every corner from the New-York Times

Somebody's lyin' (somebody's lyin')

Lyin' (somebody's lyin')

Lyin' (somebody's lyin')


(Hold!) hold on to me don't let me go

We gotta hang together

We gotta hang together

We better hang together (come on people, gotta hang together)

If we don't wanna hang together

The "the message is in the music" specificity of the show took another dimension when Colleen talked about the "Last Note Party" in Italy not happening because of the pandemic. Then, of course, the track "Love has come around" took us to the Loft with the great David Mancuso.

Once again, the mixing is top-notch, and that version of Summertime by MFSB is absolutely to die for!

The more you listen to these first shows, the more you hear the Balearic spirit taking its place. If you’re not on the beach, lost in time and space, dancing under the lovely sun with birds flying by and the ocean thumping near you, you must dream harder: let your inner child take control! Talking about sunshine, it seems this show is almost an "adoration call" dedicated to the sun. I mean, take a look at the playlist and you'll understand why Colleen included these "Summer Staycation" shows in her Balearic playlist on Mixcloud!

This show also showcases extensively; in the second part, the small mixes Colleen will keep on doing through Balearic breakfast, which will get a lot of praise among the family members!

Pulling records for tomorrow morning’s radio show and flipped thru my #joeclaussell section as per @_martinmoriarty ‘s request and look what I found...a beautiful message from Joe at the time when I was working at Spiritual Life Music and hosting Club 89 on WNYU. You couldn’t do that on a MP3 ;). Thank you Joaquin for the many many years of wonderful music. ❤️ (Colleen, Instg, 10/08/2020)

Listen back to the first "Summer Staycation" show here :

You know what to do people! Send in your summer staycation song requests for tomorrow morning's radio show on Stay cool, stay safe and stay sound :)
Colleen (10/08/2020)


Joni Mitchell Hissing of summer lawns

Pointer Sisters River boulevard

Santana One with the sun

Bobby Humphrey The trip

Chico Hamilton Mysterious maiden (yin & yang)

Odyssey Hang together

Central Line Walking into sunshine (Larry Levan mix)

Donald Byrd Love has come around

MFSB Summertime

Angelique Kidjo We-we (tribe mix)

Sueno Latino La puerta del sol

Monday Michiru Sunshine after the rain (masters at work remix)

Eddie Palmieri Mi congo te llama (Joe Clausell's sacred rhythm dub mix)

Fleetwood Mac Dreams (Psychemagik mix)

George Duke I want you for myself

Karen Dixon Free

Nu Yorican Soul I am the black gold of the sun (4 hero remix)

Lonnie Liston Smith Summer nights

The show is archived on worldwidefm :

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