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ASHRR: Meeting a "Post-Balearic" band

With a brand new vinyl out today on 20/20 Vision recordings, ASHRR is undoubtedly a band that knows how to rock your boat. I met them for an exclusive interview!

1) Hello to you guys, and thank you so much for accepting this interview with me here on the Balearic Breakfast Blog! When listening to your music, one can hear that open, balanced, realistic (and quite big, too, laughs!) approach to sound. As a band, did you think about the sound you wanted to achieve right from the start, like having your own sound signature, or has it evolved through time? How much are dynamics important to you?

ASHRR has a unique sound as an indie dance in part because of the way we do vocals. Steven has this classic crooner ala Bowie / Roxy Music timbre to his voice and we also do a bunch of the background vocals and constantly try to push the envelope with vocal textures etc.. We also have such diverse backgrounds that come through in our music. Dynamics are everything in music… If you’re constantly at 10 people’s ears will get tired. Dynamics help to shape up things. For the new album, we’ve explored a lot more of our soul / r&b / funk background too.

2) On the 143rd Balearic Breakfast show, Colleen played Fernando's deep mix of 'Talking In Your Sleep' (a cover of the Romantic's 1983 hit single). While keeping the band's sound DNA intact, Fernando added a beautiful Balearic touch to it that enhanced the "running effect" of the song (which made me think of Pink Floyd's "On the Run"). What is your approach when working on a remix? Do you believe a remix allows the original track to find its true nature?

A remix should be nothing like the original version in our opinion. It should reflect the remixer’s taste and sensibility and we give carte blanche to anyone who is doing remixes for our band. A remix is really a tool to help see the song in a different light and approach.

When we're doing our sound system remixes, we have the original sessions and pick and choose elements we might want to incorporate into the remix but essentially it’s a brand new built from the ground up approach with no rules other than it has to make you dance!

3) Would you say that you approach your DJ act just the same as you do when composing? According to you, what is the perfect way of sharing music with people on a dancefloor? Is it only a rhythm thing, or is there something much more important to it?

Performing live as a band and being able to communicate the joy and feeling to the audience is just the same as doing a DJ set. Ultimately, we want to move our crowd and take them on a journey with the music.

4) We had a laugh on Instagram when talking about this interview, and you told me that ASHHR was "Post-Balearic". You may have noticed that I try hard, very hard (laughs!) to understand what being Balearic is all about; I believe it's a way of living, of behaving. So, what's behind the rainbow (at least on a musical level)?!

What does Balearic even mean? We honestly have no clue because it seems like anything can be Balearic so we’re saying we’re Post-Balearic (laughs!).

All I can say is that in our music we try to achieve greatness and set the bar extremely high on everything we do. It’s taken a few years to make this album which will start rolling out singles in January and we couldn’t be more excited as a band first and foremost to get out there and start performing. We also will be doing a bunch of DJ sets too!

5) This interview comes to an end, but there is one last question I was dying to ask you. You had the absolute privilege of working with the Scientist on your track, 'Fizzy' (soundwise, this one is pure craziness to me...). If you had to share one moment you experienced in the studio with him while working on the remixes, which one would it be?

Hopeton is brilliant and one thing I can say is that working with him in the studio the sheer volume that cranks from his speakers is enough to deafen you in about 10 minutes! He’s got his way of doing things and it’s absolute magic to watch him work the faders...

ASHRR's new vinyl is out today ! Grab a copy on Juno Records now :-)

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Oct 16, 2023

Interesting read from both perspectives !

by The Lioncub
by The Lioncub
Oct 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much ! Artur

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