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Jazxing, a Polish pearl from the Baltic sea...

Updated: Jan 4

The Polish duo Jazxing, formed by Jakub Sautycz and Mateusz Filipiuk, is, as we like to say in English, "Something else". I asked them a few questions; let's dive deep!


Jazxing songs have been featured on mixes crafted by The Balearic Ultras and played both on Balearic Breakfast and on Balearic brunch. When Colleen features an artist more than once, you'd better beware: this is a very good sign. Laughs!

Being myself Polish, I could not resist the temptation. I asked Jazxing if they'd share their story with me here on the Balearic Breakfast Blog. And they accepted! I'm over the moon to have them here; turn the lights off and the sound as loud as you can; we're drifting away immediately.

1) Hello to you, Jazxing! Thank you so much for joining me here on the Balearic Breakfast blog! Can you tell us how your shared musical journey started?

Hiya! Thank you for the invitation, Artur! Kuba and I met at the local club in Gdańsk La Dolce Vita years back (circa 2010). We were playing as DJs on regular club nights at this small but legendary place and got along with each other straight away. Since day one, we noticed that we share a lot of similar influences and musical likings, so we knew that we should make music together. Luckily, it turned out that our intuition was right, and we started to develop our own sounds.

2) I read on your Bandcamp page that "Jazxing is part of a growing group of colourful Polish artists, clubs, and labels who want to share and inspire people with their passion for these sounds." Could you please share your musical plans with us?

We are constantly writing new ideas for compositions and trying to put them in the right places - right now, we are starting two side projects along with working on the new Jazxing material. The first one Nagar for more dark, EBM, new beat, post-punk, slowed down chugger grooves it will be a live act mainly by just the two of us, more synthetic than organic. The second one is Fahrlust a 5-piece band with some of the greatest local musicians, for more kraut, afro cosmic, Balearic vibes based on a pulsating trance.

3) Colleen featured Your music on Balearic Breakfast and on Balearic Brunch, clearly showing that you have a musical "Balearic Touch". According to you, is this peculiar style of music harder to work on? How do you approach the remix process?

Making remixes for other artists is something that we both love to do. There is something special and fun about twisting somebody's material, transforming the compositions as you hear them in your mind or using specific parts of the song that bring new ideas.

So I would say that for us, this is the first, most important step in doing remixes to find the element that gives you a perspective of adding new sounds, thus creating a whole new picture.

4) Your brand new album, Pearls of the Baltic Sea, has been issued on "Higher Love Recordings". What was the most challenging part when working on the album? Could you share with us your fondest memories while working on it?

I think that the best moments of working on the Pearls Of The Baltic Sea were each of the recording sessions with our brilliant guests. To name them Tati Vaitovich with her unique timbre; Paweł Nowicki on vibraphone (Kobiety, Kwartludium); Michał Jan Ciesielski (Immortal Onion, ńoko, Quantum Trio) laying the spacious saxophone parts; Kamil Kozłowski a voice of W Uścisku; Krzysztof Filipiuk Mateusz brother that was invited to record guitars on Vijnana and Vojto Monteur with his amazing ambient guitar work in Hyacinth!

The release is called Pearls Of The Baltic Sea to honour the talent of these great musicians. The most challenging thing was mixing and combining the sounds in the way we wanted. 

5) Which part of your musical journey brings you the most pleasure? Is playing live for an audience as great as working in the studio?

We love both working in the studio and playing live, but not many things are as rewarding as having a chance to share emotions performing our compositions for an audience! It can be really moving when we see people reacting to our music the way we wanted it to affect them and hear the sound we wanted to achieve.

These inspiring moments reward all the effort we put into the live band and motivate us to work further on evolving the sound and mastering the arrangements of the songs!

Thank you so much, Jazxing!

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